Sunday, October 4, 2015

And the Dawn Don't Rescue Me

Vampire chronicler Anne Rice was born in New Orleans on this date in 1941. Above is a 1985 reprint of the original 1976 Interview with the Vampire (see earlier paperbacks, with stunning covers, here and here). Below are the later 1980s paperbacks, as she continued the tales of her undead brood and became a mega-bestselling author. I kinda like that they don't look like genre novels, featuring only big bold lettering.

These next three are the UK paperbacks, published by Futura throughout the '80s and early '90s.The cover for this reprint of Interview is the same art as the original 1977 edition.

I loved these books when I read them in the late 1980s. Rich, epic, decadent, thought-provoking and a whole lot of fun, I enjoyed them so much and recall them so fondly I'm rather reluctant to reread them today...

The author in 1979

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ErinPaperbackstash said...

I liked the covers at the bottom, but the text only covers were awfully dull.

I haven't read Interview and am not a fan of the movie, but the score is one of the most beautiful in my collection.

I did read The Vampire Lestat years ago - remember enjoying the writing style but I can't remember the book much or what I thought of it.