TMHF's Top Reads: Collections

Short Story Collections
(single author)
*denotes personal favorites

Robert Aickman. Cold Hand in Mine; Painted Devils

Clive Barker. Books of Blood (six volumes)*
Charles Beaumont. Night Ride; The Hunger; The Howling Man
Algernon Blackwood. Best Ghost Stories
Michael Blumlein. The Brains of Rats*
Ray Bradbury. The October Country*
Poppy Z. Brite. Wormwood* (aka Swamp Foetus)

Ramsey Campbell. Cold Print*; Dark Companions*; Scared Stiff; Waking Nightmares
F. Marion Crawford. For the Blood is the Life & Other Stories

Daphne du Maurier. Echoes from the Macabre*

Harlan Ellison. Deathbird Stories*; Strange Wine*
Dennis Etchison. The Dark Country*; Red Dreams

Charles L. Grant. A Glow of Candles; The Orchard
Davis Grubb. Twelve Tales of Suspense & the Supernatural

Robert E. Howard. Cthulhu: The Mythos & Kindred Horrors

Shirley Jackson. The Lottery & Others*
M.R. James. Casting the Runes & Other Ghost Stories

Stephen King. Night Shift*; Skeleton Crew*
T.E.D. Klein. Dark Gods*

Joe R. Lansdale. By Bizarre Hands*
Fritz Leiber. Night's Black Agents
Thomas Ligotti. Songs of a Dead Dreamer*; Grimscribe
H.P. Lovecraft. At the Mountains of Madness & Others*; The Dunwich Horror & Others*; Dagon & Other Macabre Tales; The Horror in the Museum & Other Revisions*; Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror & the Macabre*

Arthur Machen. Tales of Horror & The Supernatural
George R.R. Martin. Sandkings*

Ray Russell. The Unholy Trinity*; Sardonicus and Others

David J. Schow. Seeing Red*; Lost Angels

More, of course, to come!


Unknown said...

Hey man, been reading your bog for a while. Lots of times before or after I read a horror novel I check out various opinions on it and quite a few times I've come across your page. Happy to see Dark Companions as well as The Lottery on this list, I've been considering reading them soon.
By the way, this isn't the reason I posted my comment, but perhaps some day you might pick up a copy of Voices From the Gloom Volume 1 which features a story by me! It's a poker story aptly titled "Dealing" With the Devil.
The paperback price is a bit high, especially as you and me seem to be similair as far as book buying goes (thrift shops and library sales are heaven to me haha).
Either way, great site you have here, hope you keep it up for a long time.

Will Errickson said...

Thanks Kevdawg! I hope to keep TMHF going for a long time as well. Always looking for & buying more books!

Singlem said...

Great list. As a horror writer who has published two of my short story collections on Amazon, I aspire one day to have one of my books in such a list.