TMHF's Top Reads: Anthologies

(multiple authors)

Brite, Poppy Z. Love in Vein (2 volumes)

Campbell, Ramsey. New Terrors (2 volumes); Fine Frights
Coffey, Frank. Modern Masters of Horror
Cramer, Kathryn & Pautz, Paul. Architecture of Fear; Walls of Fear
Peter Crowther. Narrow Houses

August Derleth. Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (2 volumes)

Dennis Etchison. Cutting Edge*; Metahorror; Masters of Darkness (3 volumes)

Jeff Gelb & Lonn Friend. Hot Blood (multiple volumes)
Charles L. Grant. Shadows (multiple volumes); Terrors; Dodd Mead Gallery of Horror; Fears; Midnight; After Midnight

David G. Hartwell. The Dark Descent; Foundations of Fear
Jessica Horsting & James Van Hise. Midnight Graffiti

George R.R. Martin. Night Visions 3: The Hellbound Heart*
Graham Masterton. Scare Care
Kirby McCauley. Night Chills; Dark Forces
Thomas Monteleone. Borderlands (multiple volumes)*

William F. Nolan & Martin H. Greenberg. Urban Horrors

Katherine Ptacek. Women of Darkness* (2 volumes)

Ray Russell. The Playboy Book of Horror & the Supernatural
Alan Ryan. Haunting Women; The Penguin Book of Vampires*

Paul M. Sammon. Splatterpunks
Stuart David Schiff. Whispers (multiple volumes); Death
David J. Schow. Silver Scream*
John Skipp & Craig Spector. Book of the Dead*; Still Dead*

Karl Edward Wagner, Richard Davis. Year's Best Horror Stories (multiple volumes)
Robert Weinberg & Martin Greenberg. Lovecraft's Legacy
J.N. Williamson. Masques (multiple volumes)

More to come!


jeremy said...

Good gravy, you are going to bankrupt me with all these good reads I've missed.

mdamonk said...

Thanks, this is really helpfull as there are so many anthologies out there, sometimes it's difficult to choose the good ones!