TMHF Top Reads: Non-Fiction

A general list of works related to horror fiction

Christopher Golden. Cut! Horror Writers on Horror Film

Grady Hendrix & Will Errickson. Paperbacks from Hell

Stephen Jones & Kim Newman. Horror: 100 Best Books (2 vols.)
Darryl Jones. Horror: A Thematic History in Fiction and Film
Stephen Jones. Clive Barker's Shadows in Eden
S.T. Joshi. Lovecraft: A Life; Unutterable Horror: A History of Supernatural Fiction (2 vols); The Evolution of the Weird Tale  

Stephen King. Danse Macabre

H.P. Lovecraft. Supernatural Horror in Literature

Tony Magistrale. A Dark Night's Dreaming: Contemporary American Horror Fiction 

Darrell Schweitzer. Speaking of Horror: Interviews with Writers of the Supernatural; Discovering Modern Horror Fiction (2 vols.)
David J. Skal. The Monster Show
Jack Sullivan. The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural

Marshall B. Tymm.  Horror Literature: A Core Collection & Reference Guide

Stanley Wiater. Dark Dreamers: Conversations with the Masters of Horror

Douglas E. Winter. Shadowings: The Reader's Guide to Horror Fiction; Faces of Fear: Encounters with the Creators of Modern Horror; Stephen King: The Art of Darkness; Clive Barker: The Dark Fantastic

More titles to come....

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ssss said...

try The Philosophy of Horror or Paradoxes of The Heart by Noel Caroll