Friday, September 2, 2011

Horror Fiction Help IV: Do You Know This Book?

This week I received another email from a reader asking me about a long-forgotten horror novel, and once again I need all my readers' help! Here's the description I was sent:

Can't remember the title/author of a pulp horror book I read back in the day. Main character is a guide up in Canada or Alaska. Takes group of hunters on air tour of wilderness. They fly over a pack of wolves. Hunters open up on the wolves and kill all but one which is wounded. Antagonist is master hunter who is on the flight. Main character (MC) finds wolf and nurses it back to health while living in wilderness with it. Trains it to kill men. Takes it back to the states in search of hunters and unleashes it on them one by one. Meets runaway girl. Girl and wolf develop bond. After climax scene with antagonist (think MC dies) the wolf goes off with the girl.

What the eff?! Shit sounds crazy. So c'mon guys, some of you know this stuff better than I do! We're three for three in helping people track down their beloved horror fiction memories... let's keep going. Just leave a comment if you have an idea. Thanks all!

Update 9/6/11:
The novel is Predators by Eric Sauter (Pocket Books 1987). Thanks, reader, uh, 72df79fe-d8e8-11e0-a609-000bcdcb8a73.


David Lee Ingersoll said...

Never heard of it but now I want to read it!

craig said...

It's been a long time since I read this, but could it be WINTER WOLVES by Earle Wescott? Can't remember too much about it, other than it had a shiney silver cover. Ring any bells?

bluerosekiller said...

Craig, I immediately thought of the same exact book. But, as little as i can remember about that particular novel now, I do recall that it had something to do with a pack of ghostly white wolves from an island in a river or lake.
So, don't believe that's it my friend.


Anonymous said...

Does the girl do it with the wolf?

Thwacko said...

Kind of reminds me of some of Jack Williamson's horror stuff. I have no idea if that's one of his books, though.

Anonymous said...

PREDATORS by Eric Sauer is the novel