Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dell Horror Paperbacks

Venerable paperback publisher Dell Books offered some pretty great cover art throughout the 1970s and '80s, dramatic and creepy and sometimes even classy! Love the little boy skull for Entombed - perfect horror paperback imagery.

Supernatural sex! Hells yeah. A lovely cover for Rick DeMarinis's A Lovely Monster. This one is, from what I gather, a literary, metafictional reimagining of the Frankenstein story. I think. 

Not too much going on here. I've enjoyed a few Farris novels and began reading this a few months ago, but the story really didn't grab me at all. Great title for a horror novel, though - Catacombs. You never know what you're gonna find in 'em.
These two by Richard Lortz are now on my to-read list; I find the title Lovers Living, Lovers Dead particularly intriguing. Children of the Night, sure, ok, pretty cliched title, but I like the off-kilter photography and even the plastic fangs.

'80s hair, check; glowering stare, check; glowing demon face medallion, check. All good here!
Famed illustrator Boris Vallejo applies his instantly recognizable style to the "evil child" trope. Weird science-fictiony title though.

Oh the trippy '60s! Not my favorite cover, but I do so love a satanic feast.


Tim Mayer said...

I tried reading "The Nebulon Horror" when it first hit the stands. Hugh B Cave was a famous pulp author, so it had to be good, right?
I couldn't make it past the first chapter.

Alejandro Omidsalar said...

The cover of In the Name of the Father could just as easily be a TV movie poster featuring a young, sinister Rutger Hauer front and center without changing a thing. I'd love to see that while flipping through an old school issue of TV Guide. Could've made for a great, 90-minute, Sunday night shocker on CBS or FOX.

highwayknees said...

See, I just love the vintage 60s watercolor covers! But that's just me...But saying that, this particular cover is not the best of its kind I admit.