Saturday, March 10, 2012

Orphans by Ed Naha (1989): Me, Mom, and Daddy!

This cover for Orphans, a novel I've never heard of by an author I don't know (Naha worked in the record industry in the '70s) is a new favorite. Those half-skull faces are damn creepy (no luck finding the artist)! Anyway, I had to share this cover art as I put together another post on '80s horror anthologies and then finish a pretty intense serial killer/police procedural novel for future review. But what's Orphans about, you ask? Well, evil kids of course:

It was a beautiful autumn night in a tiny upstate New York town. Everything was picture-perfect. Except for the children.

The first graders at the exclusive Roth School had apple cheeks, innocent smiles, and hearts of pure evil. And day by day, as the children acquired superhuman strength, as they developed strange, unnatural desires, that evil grew.

Pretty young Kate Winston couldn’t stop the children - or the terrible things they were destined to do . . .


Postmoderndevil said...

Will, Ed Naha also adapted the Robocop screenplays into crummy novelizations. The first one is particularly weird; he clearly wrote it before any designs were finalized, or visuals established.

Great work here, by the way.

Phantom of Pulp said...

Naha also wrote a very amusing genre film reference called HORRORS -- FROM SCREEN TO SCREAM.