Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Koontz by Any Other Name

A handful of suspense/thriller novels Dean R. Koontz wrote under various pseudonyms before he became a brand-name author. I've heard a few of 'em are pretty good even! You can see a few more here.

Even though I'm not a Koontz fan, they'd probably be worth adding to my paperback horror collection in the name of completion (I buy Laymon's old original paperbacks too). It's a curse!


Bob/Sally said...

Nice! I have a Leigh Nichols copy somewhere in my boxes of books. I have a copy of the original, unedited 1973 version of Demon Seed.

Ron Clinton said...

VOICE OF THE NIGHT is the best of the bunch.

Brian Busby said...

Brian Coffey? I was reminded immediately of Brian Moore's award-winning The Luck of Ginger Coffey. A coincidence, perhaps, but interesting.

bluerosekiller said...

I have a copy of each one of these paperback originals. I picked up SHADOWFIRES when it was brand new & news leaked that it was the work of Koontz. Then, I went to a couple local used book shops & got all the rest of them for about fifty cents a piece. No one else seemed to bother with any them until about a year later, when they became much more scarce as they were gobbled up once Koontz became a household name.
This was during the period of time when pretty much everything he published began to become instant bestsellers. Which saw some of his very best work & some of my personal favorite Koontz novels hitting the store shelves consistently like THE VISION, WHISPERS, PHANTOMS, DARKFALL, STRANGERS & TWILIGHT EYES. With the latter title & PHANTOMS being my all time favs.

- Jim Allcorn