Sunday, January 5, 2014

Miming After Midnight

Clowns after midnight? Pshaw. Mimes are the true masters of silent midnight terror. Take a look at one of the best covers I've discovered recently - an unheard of novel, The Mime (HB Jove, 1978), by an unknown writer, Tony Profumo. And dig that tagline - Was she possessed by Eros - or by Satan? Spectacular!

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Tim Mayer said...

Mime class instructor (from the movie "Shakes the Clown"):
Everybody get ready to fry our bacon... Ready?... Here we go!... Raise 'em! And we go suck in the little pork belly and... FRY! C'mon Chuck... we want to fry off that little fat a** of yours! FRY!... FRY!... FRY!... Chuckie! C'mon everbody, let's sizzle! We're gonna sizzle off little pork butt, aren't we? Fry yourself... Let the heat work through you! Shake your meat, Chuck!. You've got a roll of quarters... make some change! There we go! Now you're burnin'!... Now you're on fire! Shake your money-maker!