Friday, August 31, 2012

Back from Vacation

Well, I didn't have quite the book-shopping success I was expecting while on vacation but I was able to check off a good handful of titles/editions from my must-have list. San Francisco bookstores unfortunately had some really paltry horror sections, but Powell's in Portland (see pic above) and Artifacts in Hood River, OR, supplied me well. I'm not exactly sure which of the books I bought I'll be reading next - I'm halfway through the astonishing science fiction novel A Fire Upon the Deep, my travel-read - but perhaps the names Masterton, Derleth, Grant, Oates, and Newman sound familiar? And oh yeah, here I am outside the amazing Lovecraft Bar in Portland, fortuitously on August 20, checking the skies to see if the stars are right:


Jonathan said...

I'm embarrassed to admit I had not previously heard of the Lovecraft bar before now! The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival is great of course.

Kasia S. said...

Masterton is my favorite horror author, anything from his older repertoire is really super fun.

Anonymous said...

Powell's is awesome. I've never been to a place with an entire wall of horror. The top floor is even weirder: there was a book up there called 'The Big Penis Book.' I picked it up, curious, and quickly put it down. Very honest title, as it turned out.

When I was there, I got Laird Barron's first collection (way better than his second), and Ligotti's 'My work is not yet done', which was a disappointing.