Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Headed to StokerCon 2018 in Providence, RI

Exciting news: I am going to this weekend's StokerCon convention in shadow-haunted Providence, Rhode Island! It's a dream come true to have Grady Hendrix's and my Paperbacks from Hell nominated for a Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction. I can hardly believe it! Grady will be there too, on several panels as well as presenting an audio-visual discussion of our book. I can't wait to meet some great horror folks and spread the love for vintage paperback horror fiction. If you're there, say hi, what's up! Gonna be a great weekend... I'll see you in Hell.


Pete K. said...

Great meeting another kindred soul, Will. The first time we met, it didn't click in my brain that I have been visiting your site for years. Keep up the great work and Congratulations again to you and Grady!

wormface said...
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