Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Horror Biz Update

Here's a nice used bookstore haul I got in Louisville, KY! At the moment I'm headed across the country to relocate in Portland, OR. Plan is to hit all the bookstores! Here's a less horrific haul from Saturday in Durham, NC:

Also, this Friday on Tor.com my first article in the Summer of Sleaze series with author Grady Hendrix will appear. Through August we'll be alternating Fridays with posts on the horror paperbacks we all love. Go read his first piece on John Christopher's maniacal book The Little People - you'll be glad you did!


Authorfan said...

Yes, I admit, in the first pic I own five novels out of six.

Craig J said...

Just finished The Seventh Child and was severely let down after the author's incredible first novel, The Glow. And Golden Needles is slow going. Mcdowell always gears up and down while writing and it's usually effective, but this one is a little too rich in detail and a bit too short on furthering the action.

Ron Clinton said...

Like his father, Richard Christian Matheson is always a safe bet, and CREATED BY is no exception.