Thursday, July 7, 2011

Horror Fiction Help III: Do You Know This Story?

It's that time again! A reader emailed me describing a short story he once read but can no longer recall the title of, so I enlist you folks for assistance:

I’m trying to find a short story I read in a horror anthology from the library a decade ago. It included a race of creatures that could control snakes, and I think the story was set in a museum that artifacts had been shipped to and one of the creatures reanimates a snake skeleton to attack the protagonist. As much pulp adventure as horror.

Sound good? Sure does! We're two for two here in helping horror fans find forgotten works, so let's go for three. Thanks everybody!

Update 7/8/11:
The 1979 story is "Extension 201" by Cyril Simsa, found in The Best Horror from Fantasy Tales. Thanks to Anonymous!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, this sounds so familiar! I am going to be scratching my head on this one until someone figures it out.

Anonymous said...

The tale you seek is "Extension 201" by Cyril Simsa, included in The Best Horror from Fantasy Tales (most recent edition Carroll & Graf, 2003).

Will Errickson said...

Thanks so much, Anonymous! I've sent this to my reader and he is appreciative of your help.