Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oh It Feels Like Dying

Can't find any information about Oh, It Feels Like Dying, a novel by someone called J.J. Madison. It was reprinted several times through the 1970s under the wildly imaginative title The Thing, with requisite references to The Exorcist and The Other on the covers. In 1978, the publisher simply copped an image of actress Anouska Hempel from Hammer's Scars of Dracula (1970), subbing a lurid tagline for the "glittering world" one of the first two paperbacks. According to Vault of Evil, whatever the title it is essentially only a (terrible, at that) porno novel dressed up as horror. Alas, what could have been!


highwayknees said...

Dang Will , you got me all excited then pulled the rug out from under me! I'd never heard of either of those titles or even seen any of the different covers before. I'm wondering if i had back then -if I would have passed them by or not? Hmm..

Anyway I love when I discover slim little know novels from the 60s/70s. I have a few I love with those amazing painterly covers. One of my favorites is: The Nature of the Beast. I think you covered it here a while back. It was like a template. It had a tight little story -patterned obviously after Rosemary's Baby, but still had a new twist with a basis in Celtic Myth and Druidic cults. Most of these novels from the time are short and swift . They tell their tale then get the Hell out. And I find the best ones clock in at about 250 approx pages tops.
I could send you a short list if you so desire?

Lincoln said...

highwayknees - I'd be interested in that list, could you post it here?

Will Errickson said...

Yes, what Lincoln said, plz post here!