Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Take a Little Caution When You Look His Way

I find this cover art truly heart-stopping. Tacky and lurid as hell, but there's something so ghastly about it, bloody fangs and all that greasy black hair, not to mention the hellish eyeball colored like an infection, that I can scarcely look away (and is that a cape buttoned around his neck?)! Well done, Leisure Books, well done.


Alexandria, Egypt - 1919

The exorcism was almost complete. The priests had overcome the old man's fierce resistance, and as if lancing a boil, had drawn the evil power from his body. But before they could finish the ceremony of purification, something happened - something that would change the world.

New York City - Today

The Forrester family was rich, powerful and nasty - the kind of people who would steal the pennies from a dead man's eyes. Arrogant and contemptuous, they ruined lives as easily as they bought and sold companies. Yet they were suddenly faced with problem: Tony Filestra. Although he was merely a pawn in their corporate empire, Filestra had an ally more ruthless than even the Forresters - an aged grandmother with a thirst for revenge and the incredible power of the .... EVIL EYE

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