Friday, January 23, 2015

Evans Light and His Paperback Finds

Horror writer Evans Light has been having some great luck with his book-buying sprees recently, finding lots of books I was unfamiliar with. He has graciously allowed me to share their cover art. The title above, The Craving (Dell 1982), was one a TMHF reader was looking for, who provided a description of the cover which I posted on the Facebook page. Evans came to the rescue, ID-ing the book right away, one he'd just purchased himself! Screaming Whitman's Sampler, totally brilliant. Be sure to check out his (and his brother's) site,

The Sharing (Avon 1984) shows some folks all going for--what? Moist brownies? An evil lust for moist brownies? Is that it?

The Heirloom (Pocket 1981) is by one of Graham Masterton's pseudonyms. '80s kids had all the fun...

Don't Tell Mommy (Pocket 1985) with more face-melting mayhem.

Masques (Berkley 1981) has a creeptastic voodoo doll and a nice tagline and that font I love, ITC Benguiat. Pronzini is a crime writer but his books were often marketed to horror readers; you can see this title's other covers here.

The Breeze Horror (Onyx 1988) Hungry hungry curtains! I find breezy winds rather foreboding, but will that work for a whole novel?

And a couple creepy kids to wrap up: Children of the Dark (Ballantine 1980) and Satan's Spawn (Avon 1988).


Jose Cruz said...

THE SHARING: "Can you count the calories of TERROR?"

Craig J said...

I read DON'T TELL MOMMY years ago, and if I remember the plot correctly it was about a woman who once had an abortion only to learn years later that the doctor didn't discard the fetus, but nourished it in a lab and turned it into a semi-functional being with a lust for blood and revenge. Pretty edgy stuff for such a mainstream publisher like Pocket Books, but they did seem to offer some very off color horror novels around that period.

Shit Movie Fest said...

All these covers are Insane! Great finds TMHF!

Matt said...

Satan's Spawn, that might or might not be Silverthorn's novelization of the 1981 horror film Fear No Evil. Silverthorn had a part in the film, and served as make-up artist. The director sold him the rights for $1. Silverthorn's novelization was published in 1981 as Satan's Child, but I'm thinking Satan's Spawn might be a re release because the lead character in Fear No Evil is named Andrew.

Padded Cell said...

The Heirloom is a good one. "Phobia" is a novelization of a movie I haven't seen. I started to read it but couldn't get into it.

I have "The Breeze Horror" and "Masques" but unfortunately Leisure Books didn't use the voodoo-doll cover.