Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back from Vacay

Just back from my 10-day long sojourn through Colorado. Amazing sights, food, and booze, plus some really good used bookstores in which I was able to find lots of titles I've been hunting for (not the one above however), both horror and crime fiction. Names like Grant, Martin, Bloch, Blumlein, Talbot, and Tem. Reading a collection of short stories now and hope to have a review up very soon!

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bluerosekiller said...

Hey, welcome back pal.
Judging by your posts on Facebook, it sounds like you had a good time & got some cool stuff. Can't wait to see what you're going to feature next.

I moved to the city of Niagara Falls back in June & there's an interesting used shop within walking distance from my apartment called The Book Corner with a fairly large section devoted to mostly vintage genre paperbacks. I've had a VERY good time depleting it's resources believe me. The only unfortunate thing about it is that after 8 or 10 weeks here, I've gotten pretty close to everything that there is for me to get out of is horror paperbacks.
My big score being a plethora of movie tie ins & novelizations from the '70s & '80s that I didn't have prior to this. Including some awesome stuff that I didn't even realize exited like a novelization of Cronenberg's RABID, a handful of those DARK SHADOWS paperbacks in really good condition, as well as some other oddities like the second Kolchak film THE NIGHT STRANGLER, DRACULA'S DOG, VISITING HOURS & a host of others.
Put it this way, even though I've been steadily collecting horror movie tie ins for decades now, I was able to almost double my collection over the past several weeks.
On the non-tie in front, The Book Corner also had some other cool stuff collecting dust in it's shadowy corners like a near mint copy of Witten's PROGENY OF THE ADDER ( which now makes me REALLY want to get hold of a copy of his MOON OF THE WOLF ), A handful of those great old Pete Saxon GUARDIANS books & even some of those old early to mid '60s Lovecraft paperbacks.
And, even though I've thoroughly gone thru their horror section, I haven't even peeked at their sci fi section yet, which, hopefully will produce even more genre movie tie ins if I'm lucky.

Well, keep up the great work.