Monday, April 15, 2013

King Misery

Always loved this author photo from the dustjacket of the original Misery hardcover (Viking, June 1987). Here I am not even a year later recreating  - or trying to - the same pose for my high school literary magazine, in which an award-winning story of mine was published. Well, "published." Look close and tell me what horror fiction was on my shelves back in the day!


lazlo azavaar said...

Nice mullet! :)

Jack Tripper said...

Well I definitely see Salem's Lot in the background, and possibly The Stand and The Shining as well. And I echo lazlo's sentiments on the mullet. Very nice.

Jose Cruz said...

Can't help but wonder how long it might be before that photo of King becomes the next Internet meme.

"So you think you can write, huh?"


Mark LaFlamme said...

You should have grown out the stash. And the eyebrows.