Sunday, June 8, 2014

Even More Horror Biz

The cross-country trek continues, including stops at bookstores in Kansas City, Omaha, and Laramie. Spoils have been incredible! And yes, I'm collecting some firsts of Laymon...

Many thanks to my girlfriend Ashley who's been gracious and generous and patient, allowing me to scour dusty old shops scrounging for vintage horror novels! I couldn't have done this without her.

And this morning I snagged another dozen in Salt Lake City; pix of those to come. Boise is next...


Bob/Sally said...

Nice haul. Let's see, I've got those same editions of Lucifer's Eye, Shock III, and Isobel, and both Love in Vein collections in trade.

Adam said...

All right, roll call time for the one's here that I have already:
Bad Dreams (still haven't finished it)
Love in Vein II (some decent stuff here)
Both Laymon's (Midnight's Lair is particularly amazing IMO)
Shock III (how can you go wrong?)
Werewolf of Paris (stone-cold classic)
Dark Companions (have the same one and love that cover to pieces)
Night Chills (awesome little antho)
Metahorror (almost TOO bleak)

and I have yet to track down a copy of The Hunter that I want to buy yet but I keep passing by Isobel at one of my local HPB's.

Have fun with these, you got a great haul. I look forward to hearing how you feel about Bad Dreams and, of course, the scathing reviews of the Laymon books.

Mark West said...

That's a great haul!

Ron Clinton said...

Guy Endore's WEREWOLF IN PARIS is one horror classic I've yet to read.

Ben said...

Envious of your Cave, Leiber and Beaumont finds.

Will Errickson said...
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highwayknees said...

Night Chills is a fantastic collection. Also I remember when i was trying to amass all the matheson Shock series back in the day they were already old! lol It took a while but I did it! Along with Beaumont, Bradbury and Frederic Brown-Matheson was one of my first loves!