Friday, September 7, 2018

Coming in 2019: Paperbacks from Hell Reprint Line from Valancourt Books!

Great news: at first it was just a secret dream among a few die-hard paperback horror fanatics, now it's a reality! In August, specialty publisher Valancourt Books announced that they would be launching a series of reprint vintage horror paperback titles, all of which have been featured in the Stoker Award-winning Paperbacks from Hell (Quirk Books, 2017), by Grady Hendrix and me (you may have heard of it!). They've asked Grady and me to choose the titles and write introductions, and Valancourt hopes to be able to use original cover art when possible.

It's beautiful!

Since virtually every book discussed in PfH is out of print and often going for expensive collector prices online, Valancourt Books hit on the excellent idea of reprinting some in quality trade paperback editions. Thanks to Quirk Books for agreeing to this amazing deal. Offering obscure and long-sought-after books anew to an eager reading public seems like the right thing to do! I'm thrilled to be part of this horrific venture.

Planned publication is early 2019, with maybe half a dozen titles at first, starting with Elizabeth Engstrom's 1985 collection of two novellas, When Darkness Loves Us, published in paperback by Tor in 1986 with a fantastic Jill Bauman cover illustration. Also featuring in the line will be Bari Woods's The Tribe and T. Chris Martindale's Nightblood. More titles to come, of course, and Grady and I are hot on the heels of potential reprint horrors. Tracking down authors or their estates and sorting the tangle of copyright is no mean feat but Valancourt is doing a stellar job of it. And don't forget: over the past several years Valancourt has already reprinted many of the books you've read about here on this blog and in PfH.


Unknown said...

Thank you! I've been hunting high and low for the Elizabeth Engstrom and some of the other titles as well.

Herb Stryker said...

This great news. I am a big fan of these books. I am looking forward to seeing which ones are reprinted.

maitland509 said...

Brainchild, please!

Kelly Cozy said...

Because i am a weirdo, I'm hoping for Eat Them Alive and Let's Go Play at the Adams'.

Gus Sheridan said...

Do you know if they also plan on publishing the titles on Kindle?

The Fifth Dollanganger said...

Kelly Cozy, I honestly don't remember who it was at Valancourt I spoke to, but I sent them a letter about the possibility of reprinting Let's Go Play at the Adamses'. Whoever wrote back to me was extremely kind in explaining the tangle of legal rights surrounding that book, essentially saying that a reprint didn't seem likely. This was several years ago, so it's possible aspects of the rights issues might have sorted themselves out, or that Valancourt is well-established enough now to have a better chance at it.

I do hope they manage it. I know so many people who desperately want to read it, and I'm not lending my copy out!

Zwolf said...

This is a great idea. The other day I was wishing Valancourt would reprint both of Jeff Rice's Night Stalker/Night Strangler books, maybe in one volume. Those are too scarce nowdays. I have both of 'em somewhere in my house but can't locate 'em in all the hoarder-hellishness, so I'd definitely buy new editions.

I echo the requests for Let's Go Play At The Adams' to be reprinted, and Eat Them Alive as well. I have copies of both, but I'd love for them to be available to others, and to know I could replace 'em if I had to. I hate anything to be out of print and crazy-priced.

Somebody reprinted Bad Ronald by John Holbrook Vance not too long ago... that was a bucket-list reprint idea up until it finally came out. That book should be much more widely-read. It's a lot sicker than the movie.

I'd also love to see somebody get affordable copies of all Karl Edward Wagner's stuff on the market again... those being scarce is a damn shame.

Kurt Reichenbaugh said...

I think this is great news. I have a fair number of horror books, but used to have a lot more. I wish I'd kept many of the ones I've gotten rid of. Looking forward to these re-releases.

highwayknees said...

Wowee kazowie!
I have searched for some of these novels that seemed the most interesting to me and was successful in finding most on ebay/amazon and such by being diligent.I already had discovered the E.Engstrom stuff on my own -(which blew me away btw).

The one I can't seem to locate -but which sounds amazing is The Voice of the Clown.Is that title one of the ones in the works for re-release? I hope, I hope!

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Unknown said...

"If I can get one person to read Greenhall’s books, I’ll consider Paperbacks from Hell to have been a success.”

I read Elizabeth and The Companion, purchased Lenoir and Hell Hound but have not (yet) read them. I was only made aware of them because of your book, so : Mission accomplished.

And put in my vote for The Little People : But ONLY if the original cover art can be used.

Leon K. said...

Dang! Great work!!

Any chance Kathe Koja's The Cipher will be part of the line-up? I've been trying to find that book everywhere!