TMHF's Top Reads: Anthologies

(multiple authors)

Brite, Poppy Z. Love in Vein (2 volumes)

Campbell, Ramsey. New Terrors (2 volumes); Fine Frights
Cramer, Kathryn & Pautz, Paul. Architecture of Fear; Walls of Fear
Peter Crowther. Narrow Houses

August Derleth. Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (2 volumes)

Dennis Etchison. Cutting Edge; Metahorror; Masters of Darkness (3 volumes)

Jeff Gelb & Lonn Friend. Hot Blood (multiple volumes)
Charles L. Grant. Shadows (multiple volumes); Terrors; Dodd Mead Gallery of Horror; Fears; Midnight; After Midnight

David G. Hartwell. The Dark Descent; Foundations of Fear
Jessica Horsting & James Van Hise. Midnight Graffiti

George R.R. Martin. Night Visions 3: The Hellbound Heart
Graham Masterton. Scare Care
Kirby McCauley. Night Chills; Dark Forces
Thomas Monteleone. Borderlands (multiple volumes)

William F. Nolan & Martin H. Greenberg. Urban Horrors

Katherine Ptacek. Women of Darkness (2 volumes)

Ray Russell. The Playboy Book of Horror & the Supernatural
Alan Ryan. Haunting Women; The Penguin Book of Vampires

Paul M. Sammon. Splatterpunks (2 volumes)
Stuart David Schiff. Whispers (multiple volumes); Death
David J. Schow. Silver Scream
John Skipp & Craig Spector. Book of the Dead; Still Dead

Karl Edward Wagner, Richard Davis. Year's Best Horror Stories (multiple volumes)
J.N. Williamson. Masques (multiple volumes)

More to come!

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jeremy said...

Good gravy, you are going to bankrupt me with all these good reads I've missed.