Sunday, April 3, 2016

RIP Frank De Felitta (1921 - 2016)

Bestselling author and filmmaker Frank De Felitta has died at age 94. Please enjoy these terrific vintage paperback covers!


CrabbyCrib said...

Oh, wow. I still have the hardback from 1975 of Audrey Rose that my mother had given me. Although I haven't tackled this one yet, I'm still glad to have this small piece of horror history on my shelf. RIP, Frank.

Zwolf said...

I got the paperback of Audrey Rose when I was 9 and was really impressed with myself for reading it, because it was such a thick book. It was my first really big "adult" novel and I read it several times, and used to get super-creeped-out by that cover (even though it's Brooke Shields... but it's a SCARY Brooke Shields!). I remember hunting this book down because I got a little promotional pamphlet that had the cover and the first few pages in it. Also got one for The Shrewsdale Exit, a biker-revenge novel that also looked pretty scary when I was 9.

Tuff Bunker said...

The film version of "Audrey Rose" scared the be-jesus out of me! 35 years later and I'm still having trouble sleeping!!