Thursday, June 6, 2013

V.C. Andrews Born Today, 1923

The eternally prolific V.C. Andrews (she died in 1986 but is still writing new books!) and her Flowers in the Attic series from Pocket Books were staple items on any paperback shelf throughout the 1980s. The cover images became rather iconic and the books themselves were devoured by teenage girls, probably while babysitting. I've never read a word but I can't deny that almost totemic quality of the cover. Classic vintage paperback stuff. Great stepback cover, too - you have to go here and read about its creation.


Mauro Vargas said...

V.C. Andrews: Writing from the grave since 1986.

Tim Mayer said...

I have an interview with her in an old TWILIGHT ZONE. She was confined to a wheel chair most of her writing career.

Tex velis said...

I tried reading Flowers in the Attic early this year, no go. But I love the cover art.

Julianne Hannes said...

VC Andrews is dark Grimm fairy tales translated to a modern world.

You once said "The Gothic romance novel, which had been so popular in the late '60s and early '70s, was on the wane"

When in actuality the gothic romance genre was reinvented by V.C. Andrews (who by the way used to out sell Stephen King before she died)

And read My Sweet Audrina before you cast her off.