Friday, February 1, 2013

Megalodon by Robin Brown (1981): The Hungry End is Waiting for Your Life

Finally found this glorious cover art for the paperback of Megalodon (authored by someone named Robin Brown, Playboy Press Dec 1982), a book I immediately bought when it first appeared on bookstore shelves. I was 12 and I did a book report on it for 7th grade English; I can still see the moue of distaste my teacher had when I presented the book to her. Lo these many years later and my copy long gone I can still remember thinking it was pretty crappy even then, replete with a tawdry and totally out of place sex scene and ridiculous scenes of the enormous Carcharodon megalodon eating various deep-sea equipment and hapless marine biologists. I recall nothing else, don't even think I liked it at all despite being a Jaws/shark maniac, but you can read a synopsis from Publisher's Weekly. But still, you gotta love that art - so much better than the original hardcover!


Kevin F said...

I remember that book. Really bad. The cover is unbelievably cool though.

I know you don't cover contemporary novels here very often, but I think the cover for the novel Meg by Steve Alten is one of my favorite. It features a shark fighting a dinosaur.

francisco said...
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francisco said...

hey Will, please tell us about that tawdry and out of place sex scene!!!