Tuesday, May 26, 2020

World Dracula Day!

Dracula. First published May 26, 1897. I consider it the most important, most essential, horror novel of all. All of horror is in his shadow. Enjoy some of these fangtastic vintage covers!


"You play your wits against me, mine, who commanded armies hundreds of years before you were born?"


  1. I quite agree with you, Will, on the importance of Dracula. I know you've talked about Danse Macabre at length at least once - I too have reread my copy to tatters before getting it on Kindle. But man if you could write up a post about King's thoughts (from DM) on Stoker's novel, along with your own thoughts on Dracula and King's words on it, *and* even mix in some thoughts about 'salem's Lot, while you're at it?

    Hey I don't ask for much lol ... but that would be some fantastic reading! Heck, never hurts to ask, right? :) Cheers!

  2. It's always odd when the covers stick on Lugosi or Lee, when the Dracula of the novel looks nothing like them.

  3. Even though I'm gay, I love Stephen King's vaguely homophobic description of Barlow in "Salem's Lot" —who is clearly implied to be Dracula himself— where it's said "he had his hair swept back like one of those fag pianists from the 50's"! So King is saying Dracula basically "had lots of wavy hair like Liberace" (as the old song "Mr Sandman" song lyric has it, lol)...

  4. Just stumbled into your blog on a Clive Barker search. Enjoying myself. Catching up in a kangaroo fashion.

    The Penguin Classics cover for Dracula is way more erotic than I would think that house would publish. Nice find.